A Holistic Allied Health Service Approach


Australian Health Professionals (AHP) Disability & Home Care is a nationally registered service provider in the NDIS and HCP sectors!

We provide a Holistic Allied Health service approach!

Some of our differences include:

  • No waiting lists (where we have clinicians in the area)
  • Servicing all ages 0-65 with ALL abilities
  • Specialising in previously hard to fill, complex referrals
  • Multilingual clinicians
  • Provide F2F and Telehealth services around Australia
  • Directors and staff with extensive knowledge of Disability & Aged care Industry

Our Commitment:

  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Dedicated clinicians with extensive service experience
  • Personalised and Goal centered approach for each participant
  • Linguistic and culture awareness
  • Continuous collaboration and involvement with all clients and families

Contact the team to find out more!

Rose: rose@aushp.com.au | 0410 705 009

Ana: ana@aushp.com.au | 0427 897 819