Afford’s Gold Coast Signing Workshop


As the NDIS has just rolled out in the sunny state, many parents and carers are still riding the waves of the NDIS, coming to an understanding of their plans and how to best use them.

Afford‘s Allied Health team recognises the importance of communication and are working hard to bring more services to Queensland. Speech therapy programs enhance social communication and engagement. They help participants convey what they feel, what they want to do and create social connections.

Speech Therapy uses a variety of techniques and revolves around client goals. For people with limited verbal communication, the team uses visual communication books or other appropriate assistive technology.

All our Allied Health programs and services aim to enhance capacity and skill building, and allow clients to surpass their goals.

On July 17, Afford held their first Sign Workshop at Southport for the community. Free of charge, it was an excellent opportunity for parents, families and students to gain a basic understanding of sign language and how to incorporate it in everyday language with a person who has complex communication needs.

The workshop had a practical focus, looking at how we use signing to support people in everyday life. We focused on how to conduct basic conversations such as greetings, how to convey important things, and how we can use signing in an everyday context. The participants really enjoyed the program, especially the practical components.

We continue to engage with the local community and offer various programs including Speech Therapy and Afford’s Life Skillz program.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our allied health services in Queensland, send us an enquiry or give us a call on 1300 186 264.