Danny Met Sally: elevating the standard of care, from minimum to premium

At Danny Met Sally, our purpose is to change the world for the better for people living with a disability. We are a national premium disability services provider, which means we are raising the standard of care right up to what you’d expect for your family or your best friend. 

We employ more than 500 support, administration and client care staff across Australia, and we’re continuing to grow. Working across all areas of the disability community and healthcare sector, we continue to revolutionise care for those who need it the most. Here’s how we’re doing it. 

  1. Starting with a positive mindset.

Providing care that you would want for your loved ones is the principle that guides all the decisions we make. By starting from a good place within, we implement this way of thinking throughout the whole Danny Met Sally family. Having this mindset is what propels our standard of care up to a premium standard.  

  1. Listening to challenges and finding solutions. 

We work to elevate our standard of care through listening. It sounds so simple, but it’s a powerful tool when it comes to making life better! We’re constantly listening to the industry to help identify the gaps and fill them in. We listen to our team and their experience and suggestions, and at the very top of the list, our clients. We listen to your stories, opinions, and feedback. We don’t have all the answers, but we look forward to finding them for you!  

  1. Prioritising wellbeing for all.

We take team wellbeing seriously to ensure we can do great work. If we can’t properly listen to ourselves, we can’t properly listen to others. We promote mental health days, paid leave for casual staff, and we have a dedicated afterhours team to minimise disruption.  

The quality of care we deliver at Danny Met Sally is high, and it’s for clients, staff and everyone in between. Our premium care services are tailored to each individual person to make sure our clients can live their lives to the fullest the way they want to, and when you work with us, you know you can look forward to a positive mindset, a listening ear and a commitment to wellbeing.  

Experience the Danny Met Sally difference for yourself and learn more about our disability support and disability housing options.  

Contact us today to see how our standards of care truly are the best of the best.