Out and About With Club Afford

Club Afford - Jarrod

What’s a weekend without a bit of fun?

For many of us, weekends are a chance to put our feet up, go outdoors and attend events. Where someone has disability, this is not so simple.

That’s why Afford Queensland are now offering our Club Afford services. We ensure that people with disability can also access their community in a safe and supported group environment.

Club Afford is where it’s all happening. We take participants on a range of fun outings – from football matches to music festivals and handmade or vintage markets. We’re doing it all!

Our goal is to give people opportunities to interact socially and make new friends. Safety is also a top priority and we ensure that all of our clients are supervised by qualified Lifestyle Assistants.

Larissa is one of our most enthusiastic Club Afford participants. When she first joined Afford, she was a little reserved and hesitant to try new things – but in recent weeks we’ve witnessed her confidence soar and now she’s brimming with enthusiasm.

“When we see clients enjoying themselves and becoming more social, making new friends, it puts a smile on our faces,” says Afford Queensland Team Leader Antoinette Viray.

Families are grateful for the changes they see in their kids. In the past, their sons and daughters would spend week days at home, only able to go out if their parents took them out.

Afford is one of the only providers that schedules weekend activities and outings.

“In the past two months that we have been running Club Afford here, the feedback from families has been so positive,” says Antoinette.

“For many parents and carers, there was no previous alternative, so their child was at home during the day with limited social interactions. Since joining Club Afford, families are thrilled to see their child make friends and have a variety of options for community access – helping them become more independent and active.”

To find out more about Club Afford in Queensland, go to the Afford website or call us on 1300 186 260.