Joya Medical Supplies- Your One-Stop Shop for all medical consumables

We are an Australian family-owned and operated company that aims to remove the barriers to the unavailability of medical supplies for people all over Australia.

Our motive has always been to deliver on and meet the unique needs of individuals, including the elderly and those who are specially-abled.

With our experiences, we learned that it is not easy to access medical supplies in a short time, even if you need them urgently, which is why we carry a huge range of medical consumables from all trusted brands that are delivered to our clients in a very short time.

We have always been motivated to become a one-stop shop for medical consumables in Australia, as we are aware of the hassle one faces going to different suppliers to get different medical supplies.

What makes us special?

We aim to connect with our clients when they come in touch with us, which is why we have offered them full flexibility in terms of whether they want the products delivered to them at the earliest or whether they can also pick up their order from our store to avoid delay.

Whenever you call us, you won’t be hearing an automated voice, but our customer support service will always be ready to hear you and solve your query.

By exhibiting through this expo, we aim to connect with our audience with a more personal and holistic approach.

How can we make lives better?

Our team strives to solve our clients’s problems as quickly as possible so that their medical recovery journey stays smooth and seamless.

Which is why we offer 24/7 customer service support through phone, email, or chat so that we stay connected to our clients.

Our main motive is to provide a holistic and person-centered approach to our clients while they place an order with us.

We provide other great benefits to the people of Australia, like store pick-up options, same-day dispatch, and NDIS payment options available to them.

The products we deliver and offer to our clients include those for healthcare professionals, specially-abled people, the elderly, and everyone in between.

We carry all kinds of products that are tailored to each other to ensure that our customers may live their lives to the fullest in the way they want to.

To experience a seamless medical recovery journey, visit our website, Joya Medical Supplies, and learn more about our ordering process and other benefits.

Contact us today to see how we can be your solution to finding the best medical supplier for your journey.